can't log in

This morning i logged in and used my computer without any problems,
when i had to go and pick up my girlfriend i locked my computer.
when i got back i wanted to use my computer again because it's for my work too.
but i got a blue screen.
it rebooted and i suddenly couldn't log in anymore,
i tried to log in with 3 different accounts all existing, but even the main account wouldn't work anymore.
it kept saying that the password and/or username where wrong or not existing.
after trying a couple of times i got another bluescreen.
when i rebooted again i saw that one of the accounts was missing.
i couldn't get savemode up and running because i couldn't log in there as wel.
i really need it to work again because i need all my emails and files saved under my account.
does anyone know how to fix this?
liono oldenhof

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