Can't Login: USB Keyboard, Onscreen Keyboard and Remote Desktop all fail - even in safe mode.


This morning when I tried to use my system, I saw that it had rebooted overnight - probably after an automatic update. But I could not login anymore.
  1. USB Keyboard Issues:
    * The keyboard stops responding as soon as I see the boot animation
    * unplugging and plugging it back in does not help
    * I attached an additional keyboard - but same result
    * The keyboard works up until windows animation (I can F8 / go into the boot setup)
    * Safe Mode displays the same behavior
  2. Onscreen Keyboard Issues:
    * Clicking the accessibility menu on the login screen and selecting onscreen keyboard does not work.
    * Everything else on the accessibility menu works (but on screen keyboard does not stick)
  3. Remote Desktop:
    * Trying to login via Remote Desktop fails with the error:
    "The User Profile Service failed the logon. The User Profile failed to load.
  4. Resorted the system to a week back - still the same behavior.
Is there a way to fix this? Please note that nothing new was installed in the last week.

An interesting behavior: I replaced Utilman.exe with cmd.exe so that I can click on the accessibility icon and open command prompt form the login screen - but it still loaded Utilman.exe.



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I would recommend a repair installation. Utilman.exe is a legitimate Windows file, as is cmd.exe, but you can't really shift them in "any way you want". My opinion is, and I would recommend you to wait for other more qualified ones, that you have messed your system, and it would be wise to let Windows decide what to do. Thus, the repair. PLUS a thorough scan of your system.

Everything can be fixed, but it may take time and true expertise. You could try CCleaner, it may be able to fix registry. But the fact that a restore to a week back didn't help, is kind of disturbing.

Quite often problems are faster resolved by a complete re-installation, than by hunting for the actual problem. The advice I always give is, have your hard disk(s) partitioned in at least two parts, one part having Windows plus possible crucial programs, BUT your personal files in another disk / partition. That way, when re-installing Windows, your own files are safe --- as they are in another place, all together.

Don't know how much of help this was, but best of all to You. :)

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