Can't uncheck "connect automatically" checkboxes

Dear fellow iwndows 7 users.

I have a quite frustrating problem as I am sure the solution is simple but yet it irritates me that I can not find it.

In my "connect to other wireless networks list" i find that every checkbox with the option to connect automatically is checked.

My problem is that when i uncheck them it doest "save", meaning that as soon as i tab back into my other business windows 7 tries to connect to other networks. This is bugging me since it keeps disconnecting me.

Actions taken so far:
*My home network is on "top of the list" in my manage wireless networks menu.
*My home network is set to connect even if it isnt broadcasting its name (SSID)

My question to you is how do i uncheck these boxes? How do I make windows 7 not look at my neighbhours networks as something it wants to connect to. Finding the network is ok. I just want it to stay the f*ck away =D


Have you tried disconnecting from those networks you don't want? Then upon a reboot they should stay disconnected.

Im not connected to them, since they require password. Its just that windows seems to be trying to connect. For instance when it detects a new network somewhere it tries to connect. And when it looses one it disconnects.
The sound i get from this is the same as when u plug in/out a usb-drive.


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I have been checking mine and the check marks seem to behave the same way. But mine does not try to connect to any network except mine. If you open the Network and Sharing Center, then Manage Wireless Networks, how many profiles do you have set up?

Also look at the top and the "profile types" option. Perhaps setting that to "use all-user profiles only" would help, if you don't have that already.

I notice only my profile has the "properties" option with a right click.

Tried setting "use all-user profiles only" as you recommended.

To be more specific: I'm not sure the problem lies entirely with the network only. Because whenever it fails to connect to the lower signal ones my computer freezes for 0.5 seconds. And by freezes i mean that it just freezes and when it stops everything continues with the commands i issued during the freeze. I.e. heavy lag. Only during my typing of this text it has happened about 6 times. This is also folloed by the characteristic windows sound when you plug in/disconnect hardware. Like usb flash drives etc...

also the problem persists when i disconnect from my wireless internet, but it ceases when I disable my laptops wireless.

So its confirmed to be something to do with the wireless. But NOT my connection or my router. It is something windows 7 is up to.

Also i removed my firewalls and anti-virus incase they were interfering in any way.



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So you do have a profile set up in the wireless networks. If you have it set to not connect automatically, you will need to connect manually. If you are connected to your wireless profile network, do you still have problems?

The system hesitating while it is trying to connect to a network does not seem to be that abnormal.

I do have one profile left and that is my home network. It is set to connect automatically whenever in range and also even if SSID is not broadcasting. I am connected the "disconnects" are so quick that only more sensitive applications notice it.

And the feeling to it is more like "screen freezes" every 15 seconds or so.

btw thanks for taking some of ur time on this =) really appreciated


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Do you know you have a good signal to your wireless adapter? You might sit next to the router to make sure the signal is good to eliminate that possibility.

How strong are the other networks that seem to be interfering.

Have you updated the driver for the wireless lately?

Are you using the Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini-card?

Yes I have 5/6 or 6/6 everywhere in my apartment.

They are all around 2/6 or 3/6. But the screen freezes come even when im not disconnected. It gives the feeling that the computer is finding and losing networks all the time.

Not for the router. But the router is not the issue. (Got it 2 weeks ago from my isp and even when i disconnect from it the problem persists). My WLAN drivers are updated as of 2009-03-26. And when i try to update Windows 7 tells me that the "determined driver software for your device is up to date".

No I am using Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN


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It seems that Intel has an update for your adapter dated July 2nd, 2010 at this link
try downloading the driver, extract as necessary, and then when you choose to update the driver you may have to use the Browse My Computer, Let Me Pick, method and see if that helps


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I looked up your adapter and it seems to have or had some problems with dropping connections. I then checked the Intel site for drivers for it and they show the last ones are from 2010.

I would suggest you go to the Intel Site and download the Win 7 driver for your Install (32 or 64 bit) and try that. Maybe something has been fixed since early 09. If you can get to this site, make sure it is the correct device and version.

updated to the latest "home edition driver" and it is dated may 31 2010. The other updated package was not just drivers but other stuff aswell and I followed HP's directives to this one.

I chose the 64 bit version and after the update i rebooted. Still doesnt solve the problem =(


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I had hoped the driver would have helped, but I agree with Trouble and the date of the driver needed. I show the same date as shown in the attachment.

You do not always have to install all the utilities supplied with a driver, Intel normally gives you choices, but some of them may help you stay connected. Also check the release notes on the driver.


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Still doesnt help. Driver included was idd the same and the package i installed was a program that allows for configuring and a better overview of the networks. But doesnt include anything new I have found to help me.

Well I am quite sure that atleast the topic of this subject is wrong now. As you Saltgrass stated that you also cannot uncheck boxes and this is not the problem for you. My problem would be more along the lines of windows finding/losing a network connection.

I have established that it revolves around the wireless internet. It is not some external item plugged in (tried removing all plugged in devices and have been working with this laptop "clean" during the entire time.
Yet everytime i get one of these screen freezes it is followed by that exact hardware plug-in/out sound.


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I do not know why you are getting the disconnect sound. I have not seen that, but you might check the Power Management tab in device manager to see if any settings there could help. Do you show the device as a USB device would show up?

Have you tried disabling any 802.11 modes you do not need, like n?

Are you using a Linksys Router?

You might do a search for your adapter to see if anything would help with an answer. I saw one post that said the HP version had disconnect problems but others did not.

I will keep looking for an answer, but I am out of ideas right now.

The power is set to high performance, even if it is on battery. And my computer is not allowed to turn off the device to conserve power.

How do i disable the 802.11 modes?

The router model is Inteno x5671A

But as I said before even when disconnecting my router so my computer is not connected to any wireless I still get this connect/disconnect sound. Only when i disable my computers wireless card am i rid of it.


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Do you have any external devices? Does the Event Viewer mention any errors or warnings?

Yes, a keyboard and a mouse. Keyboard is connected via bluetooth but even as i disabled bluetooth and shut off the keyboard i still get this disconnecting.

Event viewer mentions some 2800 errors last 24 hours from BTHUSB which i assume stands for bluetooth usb?
And also there are 700 warnings from HidBth

I got suspicius now that you led me into this direction and I found that in Control panel > device and printers menu there was this yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it.

I did a troubleshoot and it says "the driver for unknown device is not installed" Could it be one of my neighbours broadcasting something in their homenetwork that I am picking up but not recognizing?

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