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Heya. Much thanks for the directions. I'm running into one problem, however. I have a 55sec startup sound file running and pw login on. When i boot up and don't immediately login, the sound file plays fine. if, however, i login while it is playing the sound file, it terminates it.

I'm wondering if there is a workaround for this or something i might be able to mess with to get it to stop terminating the startup sound. All other sounds are disabled btw.

Any thoughts?

Just logged in to say...


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Had everything done and set and didn't read beyond page 2!!!!

win7 64x sp1 OEM FIRST INSTALL EVER with win7.

my personal notes while doing operation.

origional file edit info

right click

select administrator
click advanced
select edit, and the apply's

leave the file and re-rightclick and you
should have all permissions.

RENAME imageres.dll to imageres_old.dll

replace file

NOTE - If you reload the file you just edited, you still get the old sound....REBOOT!!!

that's the closest replication after doing it I can do

Ok so im running windows 7 64bit... but i keep getting the "TrustedInstaller" crap when i try to rename or replace the imageres.dll file.

Is there any way around this without dual booting?

I've followed all the steps but i dont know... that 'take ownership' how trustworthy is that?

Much easierr solution is to go to C:\windiws\media and choose any .wav file you preferfor any sound
You can't change the Startup sound that way. That's why there are all these questions and B.S. for answers.

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