Checking Battery Health


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Toshiba Satellite laptop, Windows 10, ver 1709

I've noticed something strange concerning my battery's state of charge. When I run my PC, the battery always stops charging at 80%, which is normal for my device. However, when I start my PC a short time later, same day, the battery indicator in the notification area shows the battery is charging and shouldy take 2+ hours to reach full charge. Obviously the battery couldn't lose that much charge just sitting for a short period of time. According to the indicator, full charge is reached very quickly, so I take this to mean something is faulty in the indicator read-out. The laptop is operating normally otherwise, and usually run plugged into AC power.


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Well about the only thing I use the indicator for is to make sure the battery is charging while plugged in and a rough estimate of the time remaining. The indicator takes a data set over time to calculate remaining battery and charge time which is why it can change so drastically.


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Thanks for the explanation, Neemo..It only happens occasionally but I'm glad to learn it's not a problem.

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