Chrome is Back!


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Just posting to say that when I logged in today I found that Chrome had been reinstalled.
As I posted before it didn't work with the anniversary update on my computer.

I didn't install it so I have no idea how it got reinstalled, it just appeared on my desktop.

But the good new is that so far it seems to be working normally and not screwing up my computer, as it did before.

I've got my fingers crossed, we'll see what happens tomorrow.

I really wonder how it got installed though?

The only things I've downloaded are an update for CCleaner and AgentRansack.
I watch and I didn't see any other things attached to them.



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Hi Dave

Thanks for the info.

I am noticing that Chrome seems to be running very quickly since the new installation.
Everything is almost instantaneous now.

It's good to have my Google sync working again, and I'm not seeing any down side so far.


It is really working noticeably faster then Firefox or the old Chrome.
I hope it stays this way.


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Back again, and sad to say it's bad news.

All of the issues that I had before came back, it took awhile but by a half hour ago my right click menus quit working, my computer got too slow to use, and it just generally went to pot.

It was hard to remove too.

Clicking on Uninstall froze my computer, I had to use task manager to close down and restart.
Once I did that I was able to run uninstall, then when I ran CClearner to remove registry entries that froze my computer too.

I had to use task manager to close CCleaner and reboot again.

Once I did that I was able to get rid of the registry entries and my computer is back to running normally again.

I did run Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware after I installed Chrome, no malware found.

So I'm just going to stick with Fire Fox until I get a new computer.

What's so weird is that my computer is super clean, any scan I run comes up clean, Sfc /scannow, you name it they all say no problems.

No junk, no malware and yet for some reason only Google Chrome interferes with my computer.
Other then that I can run anything with no issues, I get 60 to 80 Fps running games, never a lockup or dropout.

I just don't get it.



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Chrome is viciously notorious with memory use. I recall you have quite a bit installed?
Maybe a problem though, in that area?


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Clicking on Uninstall froze my computer,
Have you got a folder on your c drive called "windows old"?


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I have 32 Gigabytes of ram, and I've never see it get low, but if Chrome is doing something weird I suppose it may be using it up some how.

It's funny that this only happens on a few computers, I have found posts from other people with the same kind of problems, but no solutions.

When I tried running an older version of Chrome it worked fine, but then it updated itself and all the problems came back.

I'll probably get a new PC in the next 6 months, (mine is 4 years old now) so the problem will probably go away, until then I'll stick with Fire Fox, it really works more or less the same without the problems.

I'm looking forward to having a large SSD just for games.
It will be interesting to see how it effects load times when changing areas etc.

I'll still put my data and other software on a conventional hard drive, and have a small SSD for Windows.

The real mystery is how Chrome got reinstalled, I'd decided I wasn't going to try it again, but when I logged in the Icon was on the Desktop.

I have no idea how it could just decide to install itself with no input from me?

I hate it how everything wants to have access to your computer anymore, when I got an update to Nvidia GeForce Experience it wanted my to create an account and login.

It always just updated before, I don't know whether I should do it or not, but it already removed my current copy.

I just finished running all my malware scanners again, and everything came up clean.

Hi Norway, my Windows.old folder is long gone.



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Try a search (and delete, of course) anything in the registry which says google update. Also have a look in the Services.msc for the same entry - I think you will find two such, and disable them.

William B

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That is true Mike every program anymore wants to hook itself into your usage and update automatically if it can. One thing I do with every program is go right to the settings and uncheck, or deselect "check for updates" because we can do that manually. I know it's frustrating big time. I do endorse SSD for gaming it does make a whale of a difference despite other tech forums saying it doesn't, it does but it also depends on the game, and the type of game. In a nutshell it takes care of hitching and some load times (game type depending), and general flow of the game (more Even FPS less severe drops). In some games you don't notice it but in many you will. You can get a nice 240GB SSD anymore for around $80.00-90.00 US.


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Ahhhh, Mike, that's too bad but not too surprising.:rolleyes: I think your hardware is just too darned new and expensive!! LOL. :ahaha: That's surely your problem.:rofl: Us guys here running ancient (before the Fall of Rome) hardware such as my Dell W10 test machine nearing 10 years old, has not one problem with Chrome in any of the Preview builds (back to Sep. 2014) or RTM or any of the dozen AU releases on 4 different drives. My newest machine is 2009, my Acer Mini. The rest are all built 2006-2008. I just picked up a Dell laptop that belongs to our Computer Club, and I think that's pretty new and my President has installed W10 on it. I think it's only 2-3 years old, so I'll have a looksee over the new few weeks and put the latest AU on it, October 11, 2016—KB3194798 (OS Build 14393.321), posted by Ross today and see what I get and let you know if I see any Chrome problems with it and get back to you here on this thread. Of course, I'll have to Image it before I attempt the AU update! ;)



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My hardware is just as current as yours Mike and Chrome is my browser of choice, why you get so many issues with it I'm unsure although there's a good chance you have a a compatibility issue between chrome and something else.
Can you post a list of what apps your using?
Just going right out on a limb here, Chrome does use quite a bit of RAM at times (this is due to change come December where an update is scheduled to drop RAM usage by a claimed 50%. )
Google Chrome 55 To Provide Huge Memory Usage Improvements
Have you at any point tested your RAM? Even if it's brand new it can still be faulty and I'd run Memtest86 overnight just for peace of mind really.

Have you tried clearing your synced data? It worked for me when I had a lot of chrome issues.

First, clear your Chrome history using Chrome. Then run Ccleaner to clear junk/temp files..etc, etc. Now to to Chrome settings and click on dashboard. follow pics and the click "reset sync" tab, then restart browser.




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