Clean install of Windows 7 Pro going as bad as possible

First 3 downloads of the iso weren't complete...I didn't notice until I tried 2 burns. Then I resorted to downloading elsewhere and after 3 more downloads I got the right file(verified by hash) for 64 bit Windows Pro English.

Burned the iso to my thumb drive fine, seemed to install fine and fast on this system:

Gigabyte UD3R
4GB G.Skill 1000
MSI 4830
Corsair 520hx

Have 2 500GB spinpoint F3s in raid 0 and 1(setup in bios correctly and in raid menu bios fine)
190GB raid 0, 375GB raid 1 using Intel raid

after mostly done with install it said it had to restart so it did, but since I used a USB thumb drive it tried booting from that again instead of finishing install. I redid the install after fixing partitions and it seemed to go fine this time I removed the drive when it restarted. I was actually finally in windows 7! After installing a couple drivers I needed I restarted then things went bad. Could no longer enter windows normally because once it loaded the screen went blank. It automatically installed gfx drivers but the monitor drivers aren't installed and I was incapable of installing them after 1-2 hours trying to figure out a way. Monitor didn't show up in device manager. Monitor is an Acer2051w. I could get into safemode and try to mess with stuff. I was able to uninstall video drivers then boot into windows normally but it would automatically install the same driver and I wouldn't be able to get back in again. Automatic driver installation was off by the way.

So I couldn't fix this so I decided to reinstall Windows 7. The install went through fine, said it had to restart to finish up and after restarting the screen would stay blank forever. Doesn't seem to be installing properly now.

So I can't get it installed again, and when it was it wasn't working properly. I have the monitor drivers even but no way of installing them so Windows is screwing up setting a bad resolution/settings for the display that I can't fix hence the blank screen issue.

So that's where I'm at....any tips to get this going? I've spent at least 20 hours trying to install it now.

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it did the restart, edited the registry and then went to completing installation then went blank for about 30 seconds and restarted

went to starting windows, the logo finished 'building up' then the screen went blank and said no signal

this certainly seems like the exact same issue as earlier with the screen issue, but I believe I got in okay once.

I reset it after a couple min knowing it wasn't going anywhere and it went to starting windows then shortly after the blank screen issue.

Now I tried safe mode after restarting again. Now I got the problem "windows cannot complete installation in safe mode. To continue installing windows, restart the computer.

setup was trying to prepare the computer for the first use...

I am completely stuck from getting into windows normally apparently unless I get a different monitor or video card whichever is the issue.

I don't fully understand this blank screen after loading issue but I have tried many things and my only conclusion is this post:

This 'blackscreen' behaviour is reasonably commonly encountered, and it usually results from the use of a display monitor which does not reliably report its EDID information to the PC.

What happens is that, when Windows is installed, the monitor gets identified as 'generic plug and play'. Then, when the updated display driver is installed the display output can be incorrectly configured to settings outside of the range of the monitor's capabilities.

To correct the problem it is best to first install a monitor driver and then uninstall/reinstall the display driver. Locate a suitable device driver for your monitor, install that in Safe Mode, and then reboot. Then uninstall/reinstall the display driver (again in Safe Mode if need be) and reboot again. The correct make/model details of your monitor should be now displayed in Display Properties, and the video card settings should be configured within the allowable range of settings for your monitor, eliminating the blackscreen behaviour.

It's a nuisance when this happens, but it usually only arises where a 'cheaper' monitor is in use. 6-bit panels from Asus in particular are rather notorious for it!

So until I figure out the workaround / fix I'm screwed and can't use windows 7. For some people the blank screen was because they had 2 monitors plugged in. My issue isn't so simple and I can't find the solution at all. Also, now I can't even get into safemode like before. I'm not sure how that first install worked out to get me into normal windows once...


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From where did you download your Windows 7 and what build is it? I would reinstall from a purchased retail edition of windows 7.

I have a legit copy, but the program I had to use to download it kept failing so I downloaded elsewhere. It was the exact hash I needed so perfect file. It's:
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit:
Name: en_windows_7_professional_x64_dvd_x15-65805.iso
SHA-1: 50127304441A793EE51B3F501289F6599A559E9F
CRC: 502C42C1

Anyway, problems are solved, it somehow managed to use PnP monitor driver and went into the right settings so it's operable. I didn't even do anything different o well.


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You have not yet tried another monitor or tried changing the connection to the monitor?

Does your monitor have separate inputs for different types of signals? If you use the VGA, maybe switch to a DVI...

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