CMD prompt goof? loss of all Admin powers...

So i have a pretty good understanding of computers, i like to change my password often just to be secure.

When doing so i change it via CMD prompt, because for me this is just the fastest easiest way.

Well today something went horribly wrong, i have no idea what happen. All i know is i can no longer log into my administrative account. The password has been changed to something, i have no idea what.

Heres what i did.

I opened my CMD prompt using my administrator account.
net user user_name * /domain
^^^ i used the above command

What should of happened next was to prompt me with the option to change my password. After which i would of been prompted to verify the password. I have done this many times with no issues.

Today after entering the command shown above "net user user_name * /domain". It did not prompt me to change my password. I was a little baffled, so i decided to go a more direct route. Entering safe mode with command prompt under my admin account.... This is where my nightmare began.

My password has been changed... to what i have no idea, was never prompted to change it. It changed itself? There must of been an error while executing the command.

So i created a new guest account which has 0 admin powers at all. To seek out help to correct this issue.

Keeping in mind,.. i am now using an account that has no admin powers. My attempts to reset the password again via CMD prompt are useless. As Access Denied is the only thing ill get from any useful command with this shell of a user profile i now have.

I do not own the Windows install CD, for whatever reason my laptop did not come with any support CD's. Im assuming to make people more dependent on spending waaaay too much on tech support.

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