Constant Blue-Screens on Death (Windows 7)

Alright so i appologise that this took a little longer than expect to do.

So i put in my Windows 7 CD and selected advanced followed by a format of the HD, i then begun to installed WIndows 7 on the HD and as it was reaching its final steps and reset it blue screen and i was like "WHAT?!? I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE?" So i had to do the install again cause it screwed up and wouldnt boot, so i repeated the same steps, format etc...

This time it finished okay but on the first start up it blue screened, so i let it reboot i downloaded MSE, just as that finished installing it once again blue screened.

So once again i let it reboot, then i went into windows updates and done ALL the required updates and under the optional ones i done all the ones for my video card. As they were downloading, guess what? Its blue screened >.>

Rebooted done the updates again, installed them, rebooted everything good. Mucked around on the PC for a while and went on youtube etc.. thought everything was actually fixed... went to go make dinner and BAM came back and it had blue screened and restarted.

So heres a copy of all 4 of the dumps and hopefully we can find a fix? keep in mind NOTHING but MSE, Windows updates and, Adobe flash player have been installed on this totally clean system!

Btw, i suggest you view the recent dump because thats the dump that occured AFTER everything had been installed updates, mse etc...



One of the four crashes happened due to the video driver. Please install the latest version to replace the existing one:

nvlddmkm nvlddmkm.sys Sat Apr 03 20:37:04 2010
Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers


The others are due to memory corruption. This is very commonly due to old drivers.
Please update your Conexant modem drivers which are from 2008 and likely to be an issue:

VSTDPV3  VSTDPV3.SYS  Wed Oct 15 20:32:04 2008
VSTBS23  VSTBS23.SYS  Wed Oct 15 20:30:15 2008
VSTCNXT3 VSTCNXT3.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:29:13 2008
Conexant: Support


If there are new crashes after this, please post them. But if you're quite sure you've updated the above and issues persist, you very likely have a RAM issue.

In this case, it's best to test the RAM with Memtest86+ to see if any errors are shown. If any, the memory in the machine needs to be replaced.

Okay, so the drivers for the video cards that you said need to be updated, i have the lastest i can possible get for those.

As for the modem drivers, i looked through the windows opional updates and found one for the modem, i downloaded and installed them then when the PC rebooted to complete the installation it blue screened instantly... ill post the dump below.

Also i done a search for the modem files on my PC that you quoted above, and my PC cant find them anymore, it says no results... so im assuming there updated/gone...

As stated in the original thread post, i have already done various memory tests for my ram including memtest86+ or w/e its called and all tests have shown no errors in my ram....

btw sorry about this but i had to upload my dumps to mediafire cause the uploader for this forum was taking way to long to respond...

Update the Realtek HD audio driver:

RTKVHDA  RTKVHDA.sys  Tue Aug 04 05:48:13 2009


The NVIDIA video card driver hasn't been updated from their website that I linked to. It is still showing from April. The website offers driver currently from July. Please update to that.


The Conexant modem drivers have been updated but they are still from before Windows 7 RTM. Very much advise on downloading the latest from my link instead and then install. (Windows Update is not how you'd want to update drivers, ever. Always from manufacturer instead.)

Or even better for troubleshooting purposes, remove the modem from the machine.


Once you are sure you've done these things, if issues still persist, test the memory one stick at a time while removing others, with Memtest86+.

You can also run Driver Verifier if you'd like, to try to make the crash dumps pinpoint the actual driver causing issues. I don't think this is going to help, but may prove to be worth a try:

Driver Verifier - Windows 7 & Vista - Tech Support Forum

Having proper drivers as shown above is very important as the issues could still be from one of them.

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