Convenience roll-up for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP2)


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Aug 28, 2007
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Microsoft have recently collected all updates going back to SP1 and created a 'Convenience update' which contains most of them:
Microsoft has released a one-time convenience roll-up for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 (SP1). This rollup contains security, non-security, and hotfixes going back to SP1 and up to April of 2016. Since SP1, there have been well over 1,000 updates released in one form or another, including security updates, “hotfixes”, and other Windows updates.
Windows 7 SP1 and Server 2008 R2 SP1 convenience roll-up now available at a download location near you! (KB3125574)

This roll-up is currently categorized by Microsoft as “optional”. This means that there is no means by which this update will be automatically applied to any computer. This update is available in the Microsoft Update Catalog at the following location:

Microsoft Update Catalog

This 'roll-up' should be extremely handy if one is installing Windows from scratch, it should certainly speed things up anyway.
The SP2 moniker I think is coming more from tech sites rather than MS.
It certainly rolls off the tongue better than 'Convenience roll-up'... :D
It sure does! :star:
In any case, it will be extremely convenient for new 7 installs.
It's much better than having to wait and wait for all of the updates to download and then wait again for them to install.
Has anyone tried this?? If it works, that would be great, but right now I like my W10 a lot, so I won't be trying it , but I'm hoping I can use it in my village!:up::star:
Welcome @allheart55 Good to see you again my friend!
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'My Fiend'?

Is there something you guy's aren't telling us? ;)
What would you like to know?? @allheart55 and I have been friends for a long time. I call her Cindy. Cindy has her own repair shop and is on staff on at least 3 help forums that I know of. Cindy does not toot her own horn and I'm sure I'll catch Hell for tooting it for her.
We have no secrets we won't share here, but be careful what you ask, because you might not want to know every thing!:rofl:
Cindy is a top on the line repair tech and a builder. She walks the walk and talks the talk. Shes one of my computer heroes:worship: and my Buddy!
Sorry Cindy. When My friend @kemical asks me some thing, I always give him the truth! I have nothing to hide!
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You are too funny, Gary, my friend. Thank you!

Gary is one of the good guys and very faithful. There's not much he hasn't learned about Windows 10.
Has anyone tried this??
I am trying it this evening and I am downloading it now. I'll let you know. I expect that it will work well.
Dang spell checker where were you? Thanks @kemical ! I have corrected my bobo. I'm really glad it happened because I wanted to toot Cindy's horn! Cindy is a very good friend. I trust Cindy. If you noticed two friends defended me here, and they are both appreciated. I see the other friend logged on a lot but is being very quite. I'm thinking I'm getting way off topic. I'm sure the OP won't mind too much.;):D
I'm still learning W10, but I'm getting there! Sorry Friend! I asked my friend Cortana how to spell friend.
This is what Cortana told me!! Her definition is a little strange however!:rofl:
OK! Thanks! N/P. I'll ask Cindy. I think we have met some place;)
Any way glad to see you on the forum. You seem to know some good stuff.;):)
I call all computer knowledge Stuff!:rofl:My PC vocabulary leaves a lot to be desired!! I still a newbie in the PC world, but I'm learning!
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