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My Macbook was stolen a few days ago and now it's time to get a new computer. Not certain that I'll get another Mac. Aside from several things that I'm not crazy about with Apple and the Macbook, there's this consideration. I backed up my whole hard drive onto an external hard disk. Whenever I insert the external drive into a PC and click My Computer, the external disk doesn't show up. It only shows up when I go to eject it. So, I'm wondering if I've got an enormous headache waiting to greet me if I try to convert the Mac files (mostly Pages documents) to Windows files. And, wondering what other unforseen fun is in store if I choose a PC. Suggestions, advice, experiences .... All greatly welcome.
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I can only share my personal experience when I had to help a friend recover from a similar situation.
I actually purchased a product call MacDrive (standard edition) from a company called Mediafour.
I'm not sure what their 5 day free trial version might allow you to actually accomplish but I can tell you that the purchased version works as advertised and allowed me to recover all of his files from his backup drive.


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I had a client in much the same boat... in his case we built him a new Windows 8 system (less than 1/2 the cost) then used vmware to install a V-mac onto it so he could still run some of the needed software.
Macs are very different to Windows so this may not be a easy setup to ajust too.

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