Windows 7 Creative Soundblaster live 5.1 SB0680 driver ?

Creative havent made drivers for this card in years. The earliest series with Vista support is the Audigy range. (Vista drivers should work)
I had a quick look round, and the lastest driver I found was for XP. Im guessing your not using Vista so I would try installing XP drivers in compatitibility mode. Failing that, time to upgrade your sound card.
its not working on my system... it wont even install the one u have put up out there... :mad::(

n e other solution in sight???
my card no is SB0680.. its a creative sound blaster... i tried using the file deepak has posted, but the problem still persists.... the only option for me now is to remove the sound card and my speaker system and put ordinary speakers for the time being.. else get a new card...

if there's a solution in hand, it is truly welcome...
Create a System Restore pont!

Then give this one a try::
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Uninstall the old drivers from Programs and Features and if it's still in Device Manager, cghoose uninstall from there.

Good luck
Din't work...

the suggestion u gave dint work out.. am still stuck with no sound on my system.. is there n e work around for this problem??
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Were the older drivers in Programs and Features. If not were they in Device manager. Look for anything with a yellow flag in Device manager and repost back.

Go to Start > Run, ad type msinfo32, expand the components section, click sound device and provide me with that info as well.
If it sates a WDM Windows Driver model, you are using Windows build-in in driver.

check the Windows 7 Compatibility Center here:
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