Hi I just unpacked a New Lonovo all in one desktop with windows 8 , started it, updated it to Windows 8.1. Then installed any updates. Set it up transferred my documents and all the rest. 4 hours later I'm all set to go. except every now and then I get " Critical_ Process_Died, sending error report, search the INTERNET for the cause. The pc has no recovery or install disks. Anyone know what this is? Probably one of the microsoft updates?
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every now and then I get " Critical_ Process_Died
Well if the machine will run for any length of time you might want to try the native System File Checker
Run command prompt "as administrator" and type
sfc /scannow
and hit enter
see if that turns up anything.
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Thanks I.ll try that. This is the tenth new windows 8 machine I have installed for clients in the last week and the second with this issue. I will have to go back tomorrow and follow up on this,. What is everyone doing about not having repair disks or install disks available? I hate to download a torrent. But we need disks. Not system refresh. (I rant; sorry)


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What is everyone doing about not having repair disks or install disks available?
Not sure, I made a similar comment in a post just the other day about the fact that installation media (physical disks) are becoming more and more rare.
I assume that most people are using the Control Panel resource
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Recovery "Create a recovery drive" to create repair media on a USB thumb drive.
In other instances I suspect some are simply downloading the ISO by going here
Plugging in their Product Key and after the download and checking download and getting files ready, which can take a while depending on your connection speeds you should see this (see attachment), select Install by creating media. Then this (see attachment 2) select the ISO option and save it somewhere.

EDIT WARNING: Doing this on a 32 bit machine will produce a 32 bit ISO and likewise on a 64 bit machine will produce a 64bit ISO


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