Default File Open Action Changed


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Strange behavior from windows here.
Normally opening an mp3 file would simply open Winamp, but now it opens another program, Switch Sound Converter.
So I go into Winamp and see that all the audio types are associated with Winamp already... but I'll re-set them to just be sure.

So now in Windows Explorer I try to open the mp3 file again, but it's still opening with the Converter.

And notice that the default action here is Switch, but Open is under it, and that one open's Winamp correctly.

So maybe the solution here is to wipe whatever registry entries I need to and start from scratch, if so, how would I do that?


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Have you used the "Open with->Choose default program" option to set Winamp as the program you want to open mp3s?


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Well that should work normally, but it gives some strange behavior as well. There are two noticeable oddities in this process.
So this is what happens from Right Click > Open With > Choose Default Program

Notice window #1. That shouldn't happen, normally Open With dialogues go straight to window #2, right? Why doesn't Windows know what to open it with when it clearly is associated with Winamp?

So then after setting it, this happens

I mean, it works, but the icon has changed to some default audio icon, and I would have to manually do this for EVERY audio type, whereas Winamp should be setting it itself.

So what do you think?


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No guarantees. Try this tutorial......
Restore Default File Associations:

Scroll down to exe - Executable application files.and follow the instructions at the top from #1 to #6.
Scroll down to lnk - Shortcut link (LNK) files.and do the same as above.

** make sure to restart the computer to complete the process.**


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Whatever Winamp says is irrelevant. You have to restore the file associations in the system. Follow the link that David posted.


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Thank you for the replies everybody. It turns out there were more options in Winamp that had to be set. This thread explains it.

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