Display driver stopped - How to update BIOS?

Fantastic. Nothing was wrong for a month, when yesterday my screen went black. This stupid crash again. I had to reinstall the Vcard drivers to get rid of the funny dizzy dots everywhere. It worked for a while, then it crased when I watched a movie. Reinstalled again, then it crashed when I was in the main menu of a game. The funny thing is, not even Ubuntu would work after such a crash. So I installed the drivers by the win updater, and as I was typing this message I got 2x "display driver stopped responding..." errors. Damnit!
You need a new power supply. Unplug everything you possibly can... hard drives that aren't necessary, usb deviced, etc.... It probably won't crash.

Won't hurt to make sure you heat sink is free of dust.


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When you've been re-installing the driver, have you 'un-installed it first?
If you have, try running this system file checker.. Right click on command prompt and run as administrator, then type:

sfc /scannow

then press enter..
If it finds anything it will attempt to repair it. I'd also run a chkdsk to make sure no sectors are corrupted..
Lastly, try booting into safe mode and see if the crashes still continue...

I sense this guy has a hardware problem... something overheating or under powered or going bad.. maybe even a crack in the motherboard?? I have a feeling he has exhausted software solutions.

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