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Windows 8 Display Screen Flashes


New Member
Feb 3, 2011
I have done a clean install of windows 8 on a brand new computer that I built.
The new computer does not have a vga output for my old lcd screen, so I used
a dvi to vga adaptor. The installation went fine. However the image quality on the screen is very bad, diagonal wavy lines.

So I bought a DVI male to DVI male cable. My LCD screen does have a DVI input plug.

Windows 8 would not install using the dvi male to male cable, so I installed win 8 with the DVI to VGA adaptor.

I then upgraded the display drivers for the motherboard, so they are current.

When I remove the dvi to vga adaptor cable and plug in the DVI Male to Male cable to the computer and my LCD, the screen keeps flashing every four or five seconds.

When I go into device manager and look under monitors, there are two listed.
“Generic Non-PnP monitor” and
“Generic Pnp monitor”

As the screen flashes the Generic Non-PnP monitor keeps disappearing and re-appearing again and again, as the display flashes.

I’ts as though windows can’t make up its mind which one to use.
I have tried disabling each one, or uninstalling each one, but they then come back
On there own.

Thank You for any help you can give me,