Windows 7 Doesn't recognize onboard NIC - AM2NF3-VSTA


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Solved: Doesn't recognize onboard NIC - AM2NF3-VSTA

It jus says "Windows could not detect any network devices." and I actually have two.. one via pci and one onboard.
There's no vista drivers for this motherboard so I couldn't try that. Also I've heard that this motherboard isn't working with vista while it clearly says so on the box etc. If you have any information on this I'll be very thankful.

Other specs:
master hdd xp sp3 32bit
slave windows 7 64bit
athlon x2 4200+ 64bit
agp geforce 6200
2 gb ram

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SOLVED: update your version of windows 7!! Props to developers! :D
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What motherboard do you have?
If you don't know, load up this page: CPUID download CPU-Z and read us the make and model off the motherboard page.
Asrock AM2NF3-VSTA
Chipset by NVIDIA - nforce3 250 rev A1

sorry i was unclear with the motherboard

as of now I've tried every nvidia driver I could think of and still get the same message.

I dont really now if it matters what ive tried but still ;) ... basicly everything I could find.
I even tried an xp driver too. I couldn't find anything on microsofts site.
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the NIC I have via PCI is a Realtek RT8029(AS) Ethernet Adapter. the other is an onboard nic that just show up as NVIDIA nForce Network Controller

I found "XP/Vista" drivers for the realtek actually. considering it's 9 years old i don't have my hopes up. but if i would try.. where would i put/do with the files?
Go to Control Panel > Device Manager, double-click on Network Adapters, choose the Realtek adapter, right-click on it, choose Update Driver Software and browse to the location of the .inf file.
The patches i found for Realtek were only 32 bit. I installed the 32 bit version of windows and it works... however the onboard nic isnt found after running windows update. I've been thinking about updating my bios. it's about 1.5 years old so it might add some performance too. I just got to get a hold of a floppy disk :D.. Do you think that would change anything?
Some people might disagree, but for one thing it's not going to make any improvement.

It basically gives you more options in the bios.

If, for some reason, the flash fails, your system is basically hosed.

I had a bad experience at the company I used to work for and I won't even update the bios on my home computers.