Drivers for Philips ToU Cam Pro


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ohh I have one too .. I have tried this but it does not work in the step you say :

"...1Window should say "Installing driver software". .."

it says :

"windows was unable to install your usb camera

windows could not find driver software for your device ..........

I have the zip from the link and I have unzip and point the driver update to that directory... :p


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HI All well I have the Philips ToUcam Pr Camera running on Windows Vista 32bit, it took some time but after running what I found erlier on this page I got it all working after downloading the drivers as instructed, so here it is again go to this page, Drivers Philips ToUcam XS/Fun/Pro/Pro 3D version pour Windows Vista then all the way to the bottom and on the left hand site you will see a ICON looking like a HDD drive click on it and save the file to your desktop or where ever you want to remember where you saved it, then find it and unzip it to a directory that you have called ToUCAM Drivers ofr Vista or something like that, then once you have them, plug in the cam, Vista will say that it has seen a new device,ok from there on follow this list.
Found New Hardware\" window will come up. Select \"Locate and install driver software\"
IMPORTANT! Cancel this window!!!
Go to Control Panel - System - Device Manager.
You will see, under \"Other devices\" an \"Unknown device\".
That is the ToUcam...
Right-click \"Unknown device\" then choose \"Update Driver Software...\"
An \"Update Driver Software\" window will come up.
Select \"Browse my computer for driver software\"
Browse... to the dirctory where you unzipped the file that you downloaded erlier.
Make sure \"include subfolders\" is checked (shouldn't matter but that's what I'm doing...)
Choose \"Next\".
1Window should say \"Installing driver software\".
System will complain about not being able to verify the publisher. Choose \"Install this driver software anyway.\"
16After some delay, a window will come up and say \"Windows has successfully updated your driver software\". Your camera should now be working.

NOw I have used these drivers on a number of PC's all with Vista including my laptop and the Cam works every time.

If any one is still having trouble then they can mail me at and I will send you the zipped file for you to unzip and then follow the instructions above.

Regards T J Kerriagn (Highlander1UK)


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I had this problem when I switched over to Vista. I'm on Windows 7 now, and have got the webcam working. Here's how:

1. Go to the Philips website and download the Win7 driver for the SPC900 webcam.

2. Install the driver software. You may need to reboot.

3. Go to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Philips\Philips SPC900NC PC Camera

4. open the file Camvid40.inf with Notepad.

5. Make the following changes... (in the menu select View->Status Bar to see line numbers)

Edit line 66 to look like this:

Edit line 69 to look like this:

Edit line 72 to look like this:
%USBVid.DeviceDesc%=USBVidVista64,USB\VID_0471&PID _0311&MI_00

6. Save the file.

7. In the Start Menu, right-click Computer and select Properties. In the list on the left select Device Manager.

8. You should see a item in the list with a yellow exclaimation dot and the words Unknown Device. This should be your webcam. Confirm this but unplugging it from the pc - it should disappear from the list.

9. Right-click the Unknown Device and select Update Driver Software. Select Browse my computer and then Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Philips\Philips SPC900NC PC Camera. Tick Include subfolders and click Next.

10. If all goes according to plan it should detect the webcam and install it. Rejoice!

Guys THis TRick was told by MR STEEVEECEE in ANOther FORUm . IT WORKED FOR Me.. with the Help of MR THOMAS KERRIGAN (USER HERE) Thanks alot for ur supporT TOM
it WOrked DO try it its so EASY !


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I tried this method to install my Philips ToU Cam Fun II.
But I can't get it to work.
It always says driver unknown....

I have an Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 64-bit.

What must I do now?

Thanks in advance.