Windows 7 DVD Drive Problem


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Current Beta: x64 Build 7000

Laptop Model: Asus F8VA-B1

-Some CD/DVDs will lock up the drive and keep spinning (eject will not work)
-Whatever action i was doing from that CD/DVD (installing, copying, etc) will be seen as "not responding" but i can't use task manager to shut down the process
-Sometimes it will stop the process (after a long time waiting), but my Drive disappears from Device Manager + My Computer
-This occurs in both of the most recent builds for x64 and x86
-This drive worked PERFECTLY in Windows Vista and Windows XP

-I install Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos perfectly. Eject disc and put in Frozen Throne. Click Install...install window pops up and just hangs there while the disc spins loudly....can't eject and can't end process
-Installed Microsoft Office 2007 perfectly, but left it in the drive to play Wii...came back and it was spinning loudly and was not able to be ejected.
-Tried to copy files from disc to hard drive and files did not transfer.

Has anybody experienced this? and if so, how'd you find a workaround. As of now, i'm thinking about downloading the older x64 bit copy and trying that. I'm hoping it's some new software instead of a hardware problem so i can fix this. I really like W7, but i use my drive on a regular basis x.x.