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    Hi ,

    I've searched the internet trying to find a fix for my problem with no success.

    I'm getting a bsod while using a precision input device ( deva001 pci card www.deva.co.uk )

    The BSOD tells me IRQ NOT EQUAL OR LESS THAN and tells me it something to do with dxgmms1.sys

    I've checked my motherboard bios is up to date, graphics card drivers are up to date as of last week.

    Here is a collection of my minidumps for the past month hopefully one of them will help someone to get to the bottom of this problem I have.

    Any help, ideas, tips ... anything will be much appreciated as this a work computer and we are loosing productivity.

    Thank you.

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    I am not the expert in this area, so you may want to wait for one, or go over to the BSOD forum.

    But for now, you seem to have some older drivers you might want to check for updates. They may or may not be related to your problem. You may also want to check to see if a newer driver is available for the ATI card.

    hardlock hardlock.sys Thu Nov 30 11:12:07 2006
    aksusb aksusb.sys Thu Nov 16 09:37:01 2006
    AKSCLASS AKSCLASS.SYS Mon Apr 18 07:58:03 2005
    akshasp akshasp.sys Thu Nov 16 10:12:04 2006
    aksdf aksdf.sys Wed Dec 13 11:09:32 2006

    If these drivers are related to the precision input card, and there are no updates, you might want to consider running the system in compatibility mode to see if that would help.
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