Even stronger sound equalization? Really muffles loud sounds?


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I like listening to audio on youtube before bed . Suddenly a speaker in the video will shout or there will be a loud commercial. I just want the computer to almost mute the loud sounds* Perhaps also be smart enough to also mute sounds that may not be loud but are so much louder than the sounds before them that they seem loud

I have tried this
- Soundlock, hardly noticeable effect
- Windows sound equalization- I have it on the shortest delay and still when there is a loud shout in a youtube video, it is only somewhat muffled. See*

Also how do I change my OP title- I don't see the option when I click edit.


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other than the options you have already tried I don't recall windows having any further settings to adjust. I guess it depends on what kind of sound solution you have. I do have such options on my system but thats more to do with the third party Creative driver. Do you know what kind of sound solution you have? If it's a laptop then make and model will do.

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