Everything is highlighted fuzzy blue.. help

It has been happening for a few months now when I had windows 8.1. Now I have 10 and figured it would be fixed but the issue is still here. Everything is highlighted blue! I cant fix it.. ive tried tons of things.. nothing works.... any idea?




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I'm not exactly seeing what you are referring to.
This looks just like my system screen.

The item that's highlighted is the word Display in the brown area, darker blue on my screen.

The other blue areas are just part of Microsoft's idea of design.

Here's mine...


Wow i just realized it didnt show up on the screen shot... but literally all those tabs on the left have fuzzy blue markers surrounding them... just flickering blue spots...


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See if you can get a shot that shows them, maybe shoot the screen with a cell phone if the snipping tool doesn't do it, and the first thing I'd try is just to make sure your video drivers are the latest ones.

I'm not sure what would make the interface display like that but maybe if we see it someone will have a clue.

The fact that it's been that way since Windows 8 is weird.



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If you don't see it on a screen shot, does that mean that the fault is behind the videoadapter (cable / monitor) ?


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No not necessarily, but the fact that it was the same in Windows 8 and 10 would lead you to think that it's not related to the OS.
It seems more likely that it has to do with hardware.

But it doesn't make sense that it only shows up in the form that it does either.
Why only effect the user interface, in one particular way?

How many places do the pages appear with the same visual appearance?

You could try opening the Administrator command prompt and typing in...

SFC /scannow

There is a space after the C.

It will check all of your system files for errors.

You could also try changing the desktop theme on the off chance that it will effect it somehow.

It's also strange that you can see it but the screenshot doesn't.
Either it's blinking and the screen shot hits when it's not there or, I have no idea?



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To my old eyes the blue tinges in this photo looks to be a distortion from the plastic screen-protector you have on the monitor… that would also explain why it doesn't show up in your screenshots mate.

Nope there's no screen protector :(

Thanks for trying though


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I have to go along with ussnorway, it looks like something actually wrong with the screen on your computer.

Copy this and save it on your computer, and then select it as you desktop.
Next both make a screen shot, and take a photo of it.

See if the distortion is static or does it move around, blink, or fade in and out.
Does it look different when you view the screen from an angle?

If it shows in the photo but not the screen shot then my guess is that there's something wrong with the screen itself.

Last if this is a desktop see if you can find another monitor that you can plug in.


heres one.... probably doesnt show the blue highlights...


Now look at these two....

capture.jpg is the screengrab and the other is my cell phone pic



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I don't see the blue in either of the test images so, I thought it might be more distinct against a solid black or white background.

It's hard for me to tell if it's in the cellphone picture or not, but the screen grab picture looks normal.

Try logging in, in Safe Mode and see if you get the same thing with the on board video.
That's assuming that your computer it running a video card.


Note: I just tried this so be advised that it will ask for you Windows password when you try and log back in!!!

So don't do it unless you are sure what your password is.
It doesn't give you an option to use your pin number.


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