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I've never shifted using Mac as my official or using Mac as my personal OS as far from the beginning of my life I always have been using Windows and it feels great that it has come up with much more customisations its been a proud that Satya Nadela is leading it towards the great future and Bill is delighted as far ...As I am Indian Proud to be..... So what your experience says about using Windows from the beginning... Did shift this early time or from the old times ....Let me know yours below

This is an interesting topic. I also am using Windows for as long as I can remember. So every version was special with its features and its errors which taught me what I know today. They're always building on that same Windows base and they're doing a great job. Sadly this is their last version.


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I started out using Windows and have stuck with it, even though I'm a graphics designer.
20 years ago using Windows had some drawbacks since all of the printers and graphics businesses used Mac.

They looked at me like I was an odd ball when I'd send them a job.

I have worked on Macs but it always felt too rigid compared to Windows, just like my iPad.

I like to be able to set things up the way I want it to be, and now of course there's no downside to working on a PC.
They are cheaper and in some cases much more powerful.


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