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Hello everyone
Can you tell me program or what i recovery password i try everything.
Try from microsoft-live but dont change.When i try to click to reset password show me this feature requires removable media such as a usb flash drive
Please,help :)))
Thank you,everyone!!!


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The Hiren boot disc (can be loaded on to a CD/DVD or usb) has a couple of tools you can use

NT Offline password reset tool or on the newer version of Hiren is the Lazesoft password reset tool


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Oh yes I guess from another device... same device would be an issue. If no live account then iseepswdwill just bypass it and log you in ;)


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Yes, you can recover it, just follow the step by step guide below:-

1 On your sign in screen for Windows 10 click on the following link – “I forgot my password”.
2. Type in the CAPTCHA characters shown on the screen and click Next to recover your account.
3. Now you need to verify your identity for which you will receive the security code. Just select how you want to get the security code (either by email/text message) to verify your account. Click on – Send Code button to proceed.
4. Check your text message or email to check for the code. Type in the code in the given field. Click Next.
5. On the next screen, you can reset the password by typing a new password for the Microsoft account. Click- Next.
6. On the next screen, you can see the message showing “password has been changed successfully”. Click- Next.
7. Now you will get the sign-in screen back. You can log in using your new password.

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