Further Tips On Getting Help on the Forums


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Jul 22, 2005

The best most single way to find an answer to your problem on the forums is the Link Removed. Search can be used by anyone, you do not even need to be a registered member of the forums. Use the search feature to look up a certain piece of hardware by using keywords and phrases. Find out if this has already been posted about. If it has, add your contribution to that post and do not create a new one.

Tell Us Your Specs.

You may not even know what type of hardware your computer is running, but if you've run into a serious problem, now is the time to find out. Contact your computer's manufacturer, go look it up on their website, or do something. You can then provide this information very easily on every single post you make on the forums.

Go to your User Profile and Link Removed. From there you can provide information on exactly what type of CPU you are using, what kind of video card you have, how much RAM you have, and the list goes on. By providing this information, you make it that much easier for someone to help you.

Post As Much Information About the Problem As Humanly Possible

Your post in the forums should also contain relevant information about your problem. The subject of your post is very important and should be as specific to the problem as it possibly can be. "Help!!!" is never a good way to get help. You want to make sure people can find your post.

To elaborate, almost as soon as you post in the forums, search engine robots from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other search providers crawl the site looking for content. If you provide a minimal amount of information, you will very likely receive a minimal amount of feedback, simply because people cannot solve your problem or cannot find your problem.

If you can provide details like screenshots and images to show the world your problem, this is even better.

Avoid letting your emotions get the better of you and stay away from using profanity or complaining. No one likes a whiner or bad sport and it will make people less likely to want to help you.

In conclusion, by following these guidelines, I believe you will find that the answers to your problems are not far away. They are in fact, right in front of you and at your disposal.

For further ways to get help on the forums, please see Link Removed.