Google Chrome "Cast" requirement - Closed!


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Every once in a while I try the Google Chrome cast feature from several different Computers and it has never worked. I am able to cast from the windows feature but not from Google chrome. I also tried it from Mac O/S and also did not work.

All give the same issue. Which is that no device can be found.

So I am posting this thread to see what are the requirements for this feature as I might not have all of them.

Casting dongles that are similar to Chromecast have two modes for casting. One is a direct connection and one that is through the WIFI connection. I tried with both ways and none of them worked.

I do not have Chromecast. I have Anycast version 1 and the knock off Chromecast one. I also tried disabling the firewall just to be sure.

The dongles are both connected to a WIFI network range extender. I did change the range extender to work as an Access point so that it will eliminate connection issues, but it did not work on that either.

I need an expert on Google Chrome cast feature to respond to my below queries.

1- Does the casting work directly or does it work through the WIFI network?
2- Does it only work with original Chromecast or only known Casting dongles or can it work with knock offs? (VLC casting feature does not see the devices either, but I read online that it only works with Chromecast)

It is not working from any of the Chromium browsers that have that feature.

The below video is of a person that uses Anycast with Google Chrome cast feature over WIFI.

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The video has a comment from the creator that states that you need specific cast from Anycast that is M9 and not just any random one..