Help, windows 7 can't run startup progs and apps anymore after some malware snanning and cleaning :\

Below are the points of the problem I'm currently having:
- It happend all of a sudden after I ran Malaware cleaning, panda activescan then I uninstalled the panda activescan.
- The windows can't run startup programs and apps anymore including task manager, system restore, games, etc
- I'm asked to select a progam everytime I try to run an app or anything like task manager
- Some of the app's icon turn white/ into blank white squares
- Whenever I try to do a system restore using either my genuine installation dvd / thumb drive, I get this:

- startup repair doesn't help.
- it sucks big time cuz tomorrow morning is the deadline of my college project.


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Try running system restore in safe mode (press F8 during startup) and run it by entering "system restore" in "search rograms and files" in the start menu.


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It almost sounds like you have lost the .exe file association. Someone the other day did that accidentally.

To check, open a command prompt, if you can, and type assoc to get a listing of your file associations. Check the .exe entry and see if it says .exe=exefile

HOW TO: Use the ASSOC Command to Display and Modify File Name Extension Associations in Windows 2000

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