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Please help, I am not very savvy with Pc Lingo, but, My Pc which runs windows stopped recognizing my .jpg and .Raw files. How do I fix it? I am so frustrated.
I shoot my images with both .RAW and Large .jpg. Now when I load them on my pc, its Shows all files as " IMG _"


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See whether you can change to .img extension to .jpg or .raw (see picture). You will get a warning message. Just ignore it. See whether it will then open as expected.



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What file extension does you camera save RAW files, for instance my Nikon saves RAW files with a .NEF file extension.
Normally Windows can't open .RAW files without some kind of video editing software.

In Photoshop I need to use a Plugin to do it.

However .Jpg files should open in anything.

How are you moving the files from your camera to your PC?

What are you using to open and edit your files?

Have you made any changes in your camera setup?

If it's really saving a .jpeg file in your camera, can you try just copying them from the camera to a folder on your computer in file manager with out any intervening software.

When you say that it's showing the files as "IMG_" is that the complete file name, no number, no extension, or anything.
What do the file names look like when viewed in the camera?

I'd expect something like IMG_002.jpg or something like that.

Last right click on one of the files and click on Properties.
You should see something that looks like this...

Make sure that the open with entry points to a program that will open the files.


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