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Windows 8 Hiberfil.sys Size Increase After April Windows Updates


New Member
Apr 15, 2013
Hello all,

After installing the April batch of Windows 8 Updates, I noticed there was a dramatic increase in my 60 GB SSD hard disk usage (almost a 5 GB increase right after the Updates). To cut to the quick, I determined that the updates had arbitrarily increased the size of my hiberfil.sys. To counteract that unnecessary increase (in my case), I made reference to this informational webpage and decreased the size of my hiberfil.sys to meet my specific needs:

Link Removed

So, in my case, I set the "new" hiberfil.sys size to 40% of my RAM and I recovered over 3.5 GBs of hard disk space with no ill effects. Moreover, I am running a desktop computer so I have no need for a full-blown hibernation file; however, I do utilize the "fast-boot" feature which does use the hiberfile.sys to store fast boot recovery data (but it doesn't need all that "extended room" in my case).

Anyway, this is just an FYI and my post is an informational only for those who noticed a major increase in hard disk usage and couldn't figure out what might have happened.
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