Host Process For Windows Services Stopped Working


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ESENT.dll is part of Microsoft's Extensible Storage Engine

It's responsible for Defragmentation, Recovery, Integrity, Checksum, Repair, etc of Storage Volumes.

It could be that the scheduled defrag that Windows runs is triggering, or something else to do with your storage volumes. Or it could also be some other corruption.

Before troubleshooting this issue I would do all of the following:

1) Update your chipset drivers for your motherboard to the latest version (if you need help with this please post what motherboard you are using)
2) Update your USB drivers if they are separate from 1
3) Check the task scheduler \Microsoft\Windows\Defrag\ScheduleDefrag task, look at it's History tab, has it been failing regularly? You may also want to check \Microsoft\Windows\Data Integrity Scan for similar issues.
4) Related to 3, does this error occur often when the system is idle (therefore the scheduled defrag is allowed to run)?
5) Run "chkdsk C: /f /r" (you'll be prompted to reboot, and this will take awhile but it'll eliminate errors that could be caused by file system corruption)
6) Run a "sfc /scannow"

Options 5 and 6 will be need to be ran at an Administrative Command Prompt.

Post back results for further assistance!

@Josephur ! Thanks for your reply friend! I have done all your suggestions except I'm not sure about 3 and 4.
I have my PC set to defrag on default setting. I'm thinking on Wednesdays. Will check that out.
I never turn my PC off. I do restart occasionally and also shut down occasionally, but for the most part it's on 24/7
I appreciate your help friend.
Here's a thought! I have a external drive plugged in 24/7. Could some thing be going on there??

Hi @Josephur I just checked my defrg options. All drives were checked to defrag. I unchecked all but C drive.
Will see what that does. Thanks for your help!

Thanks everyone for your help. Some good replies. I appreciate everyone here. I'll check back tomorrow.

Sorry @Neemobeer ,but this is where your tool ended up. U;):(ntil it does different, this is where it will stay!!

Hi @Josephur Had to Pee!:rofl: My chipset drivers are in my included with my AMD drivers. I do not understand that at all, but when I Google this is what I'm told.
Go figure!:rofl: Oh Well! I have the latest AMD drivers! Thanks for your reply!

The AMD display-driver package contains the chipset software. If things don't work out right after a clean install of Windows, it's because that was not installed as the very first thing - prior to any other driver. Install the TVAP before any other Toshiba utility.


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Hi Gary,
It's very important to temporarily disable your AV prior to install with tools like DEBUG or any other diagnostic programs! The AV program (Defender, Norton, McAfee, Malwarebytes, etc.) will often BLOCK key processes in the installer or the installer scripts from installing properly into your computer. You may wish to disable your AV, your Antispyware program, and your Firewall (Microsoft or 3rd party), and uninstall and reinstall the DEBUG app. It's something minor that our experienced guys expect that you know to do, so it's not mentioned here. However, much of your experience is outside the corporate world and this is something the average user does not know about. It's ubiquitous to Techs, Engineers, Programmers, etc.

Also, tools like Debug don't like lots and lots of processes running, so it's best to remove all non-Microsoft services from the Startup (can do this through MSCONFIG.EXE), and reboot; then re-attempt install of DEBUG. Sometimes that will make a difference. I often use SAFE MODE, but DEBUG often won't work in SAFE MODE on many machines, and even if it does, it might not catch a scheduled process such as weekly defrags. It certainly wouldn't hurt for you to try these 2 configurations, and see if you get different results on the crash dumps. Resubmit them and our crash dump analysts can take a look and see if there's anything new or different there.

And personally, I'd unplug that external USB drive while running DEBUG, if your defrag script is attempting to write to the external USB that will show up (though your screenshot shows you unchecked it on the DEBUG program config).

BBJ :blow:

Hi Bear! Thanks! I know about disabling AVs before trying these things, but I'm old and I seem to forget:rofl:
Thanks for your reply and reminding me. I'll give it another go latter. I've done some things @Josephur suggested.
I'm going to wait to see if that helped. Thanks for your reply friend!:worship:


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Welcome, Bro! ;)

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