Windows 10 How Can I Port Forward To ICS "Internet Connection Sharing" ?


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Hey Guys :)

I Want To Port Forward To ICS "Internet Connection Sharing" Client

My PC Is Connected To The Internet Via Wireless And I Shared It To Ethernet For Xbox One , I Port Forwarded All Ports That Xbox Needs To Connect To Xbox Live

The Problem Starts From Here !

When I Connect My Xbox Via WI-FI It Has No Problem About Nat Types " I Get Open " So ...

When I Use Ethernet That Is Connected To My PC For ICS I Get Moderate Even Sometimes Strict Nat Type :(

Hah Know I Want To Know How I Port Forward To The ICS !

Do I Need Port Forward To The PC Itself Or To The ICS Default IP ? (( ))

Thanks For Help :)

Note : I wanna use Ethernet cuz it has better latency and better download speed.