Windows 8 How do I turn OFF auto arrange, and snap to grid on the desktop


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Nov 3, 2012
How do I turn off auto arrange, and also stop the snap to grid function on the desktop so I can arrange the tiles exactly the way I want?
Have you looked at right click on the screen and, then, under the "view" item.
Sorry I took so long to get back. I was occupied for the Holiday.

Okay, My bust. I did say desktop when I meant the shell (or whatever it's called it these days). I would like to arrange the tiles MY way, and not have them arrange themselves. When I drag a tile in a group to a spot, I don't want another to jump into its place, or have the tiles arrange themselves around the one I just moved. It's annoying! how do I make it stop? If I cannot do that, is there a way to turn the shell completely off, and launch "Apps" from the desktop? Is there a way to replace the tiles with Icons?
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