How do you add meta data to photos in Windows 8.

In Windows 7 and earlier operating systems, when you selected a photo, you would see the meta data for that photo at the bottom of the window. You could then add comments about that photo, Give the photo a name, and even change the date and time it was taken if the camera had not been set correctly when the photo was shot. How do you access that information in Windows 8.

I was able to answer this one myself. At the top of the screen when you have a photo selected, you will see a tab titled "View. If you click that tab you will find "Details pane" as one of the items on the upper left of the page. If you click that, it will give you all the details on the image you are looking at. You can then change the name of it, put down comments about the photo, such as where it was taken and who is in the photo. This information will stay with the image as you transfer to other devices.

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