Windows 10 How to check windows shutdown restart time and date?


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I leave my Desktop on before leaving my room. Than I remotely login. However today I noticed the Desktop was restarted as I wasn't remoted on for 3 hours!! Is it someone entering my locked room to restart the PC?? Is it the electricity turning off ? Or is it some windows update doing all this?
Because I had several browsers tabs open in chrome before while I remoted on earlier in the day but not anymore.
Also kindly advise where can I check log files of windows 10 starting shutdown files if at all? Thanks
Yup, event viewer with log restart/shutdown events and who initiated them

Press [windows key + x]
Click Event Viewer
Select the  System log
In the right-hand pane select Filter current log

The event source you want is User32 and the event id is 1074