How to display your name on the taskbar in Windows 8?

Display your name on the taskbar near the clock in Windows.

Now you can customize your Windows taskbar, including the way taskbar buttons look, how they group together when you have more than one window open, display your name.

Steps to display your name on the taskbar in Windows 8:

  • Open the search panel by pressing the Windows + S and type: Control Panel.
  • Select Clock, Language and Region, and then Region.
  • In the window that appears press the button More Settings.
  • Go to the tab Time, and section pointing symbol am and pm replaces the text with your name or whatever you want to put.
  • Click apply and you’re ready.
  • Check that short time formats and include long time “tt” at the end so you can display the text entered in the command field. If you want to know detailed information then click on this link


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Excellent, I’ve just done it in Windows 7. I wanted the OS name but numeric characters are not allowed. I had to settle for Win Seven. I couldn’t do Windows Seven as there are too many characters, Windows Nine should be OK though.


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I’ve just found a drawback. Whatever text is used in place of AM and PM is displayed alongside File Dates and Times in an Explorer 'Details' window listing. I suppose it's alright if you just want to use a few characters.

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