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Hello to all,I have a PC with 3 disks, all sata,I had installed w7 on a 640gb disk, on a 250gb I have w8,and lately I installed again w7
on a 80gb disk so to use the big disk for saving files. the problem is that the 640 disk has kept some boot info and I can only go to w8 if I boot the PC from this disk, if I boot the PC from the 250 it gets me again to that in w8 I can't see the big disk, I try reinstall it with no success. so what can I do to have my w8 see all disks and erase the boot info on the 640 disk?

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When you install an OS on a separate HDD make sure that the other HDD's are unplugged. This will avoid the boot info being installed on the C drive, which is what it does by default. Then to access the other OS's, a restart and then tapping the F12 key will bring up the boot menu and just pick your OS you want to run.


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Could you attach a picture of your Disk Management window showing the graphical representation of the drives. It might be help to see your actual configuration.

But you are probably correct in that a Legacy install will put the boot files on the primary hard drive, and not necessarily on the drive you use to install the OS.

I see, the weird thing is that when I enter W8 although the 640GB disk is shown on the device manager, I can't access it on the windows explorer, that's my main problem. Can I do something for it?

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