How to unpack Native drivers from old ASUS disk for W7 Install

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by jimc52, Jul 8, 2014.

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    Hello everyone.

    I have an older self-build computer which is several years old. It has an ASUS P5Q Pro mobo and an old Intel Q9400 processor. I originally had WinXP Pro installed on this computer. I went out and bought an OEM copy of W7 Pro and installed it. So I had installed an OEM version of W7 on a computer which had WinXP on it. Finally, the hard disk gave out. I still have my original ASUS mobo disk with all the drivers and I also downloaded the latest drivers, which are Win7 compatible for AHCI, SATA, etc.

    When I put the original ASUS disk into another W7 computer I have, it pops up and says, that the disk does not support the current operating system (W7) on my other computer. I can use Windows Explorer to see all the files, but ASUS has compacted the drivers into their start-up/install program. I cannot seem to figure out how to just get the darn native drivers off this disk.

    Like I said, I downloaded the latest native drivers for the mobo from ASUS and I unpacked each file. I burned the unpacked files to a CD. When I attempt to install the SATA drivers on this burn disk when Windows 7 installer asks me for it, it cannot find any drivers! Somehow, even the drivers from ASUS download are packed (I guess!). I don't know how to just get the drivers unmasked so that W7 installer sees them. I just simply need to have the ASUS drivers themselves burned to a CD so I can proceed with install. I can't figure out what to do with this!

    I tried finding out on the ASUS Forums site, but its like they aren't functioning, cannot get any help from them, so I need someone who is an expert to help me figure out how to unpack the ASUS drivers and get Win7 installer to recognize and see them.

    Thanks for helping me!
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