HP Compaq 6000 Pro Small Form Factor PC Dual Monitor problem

We have several of these machines with dual monitors that have no problem. However one is driving me nuts. There are 2 identical monitors attached to it, one via the diplay port adapter. For some reason it will always revert back to 1024x768 resolution after a reboot. The monitor is then identified in display propterties as a generic mobile monitor. But in the device manager it is recognized correctly. It can not be resized to the resolution that matches it's twin. The only way to fix it is to reinstall the display drivers from here. But if you reboot, the problem reappears.

Any solutions gratefully appreciated.


Nobody has any ideas?


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Nobody has any ideas?
Hello and welcome to the forum.
I must admit, I do not. After reading your original post, one is left to assume that all machines are identical all monitors are identical the method and devices used to attach the monitors (ports and cables) are identical and the graphics cards (and driver versions and dates) involved are identical across all platforms.
If you have tried swapping monitors and cables to a different machine as a means of diagnosing the problem I would think that you might be able to zero in on the actual culprit. If the swapped machine with the assumed problem monitor(s) does not exhibit the same symptoms then one might assume that is is probably not the monitors and cabling. If the problem machine with the swapped monitor does exhibit the same problem you might suspect a bad card or card port.
The only time I have ever experienced anything even vaguely similar is when the machine is started with out power present to each monitor and usually even then a right click and identify will generally sort the issue.
If you do manage to sort the problem, I would really like to hear what you were able to determine the problem might have been.
Best of luck

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