HP Laptop Won't boot into Windows 8.1

Last night, my HP laptop (I'm not sure which kind) would not turn off, so I took the battery out to shut it off that way. When I put the battery back in and tried starting it up, it started, but told me that it was "Repairing Disk Errors" so I waited for about an hour and a half, and it blue screened and restarted. It told me again that it was "Scanning and Repairing Drives" and when that was done it again said "Repairing Disk Errors" then blue screened AGAIN. When it restarted, a blue screen came up saying "Your PC could not start properly. You can try restarting or try other advanced options." I clicked "Advanced Options" and turned off my PC from there. This morning, I turned on the laptop and it gave me the same screen. I clicked "Advanced Options" and tried Refreshing my PC, but after a half hour, a screen came up saying "There was a problem refreshing your PC." I tried resetting my PC, but the same screen came up saying "There was a problem resetting your PC." I tried shutting off the laptop, and now it won't shut off. Please help me. I don't know what to do about this.


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I suppose you understand, shutting your system down like that may have left it in several of repair situations and hard to tell exactly what might be happening.

Do you have any external media to boot into?

Can you boot into the bios so you can make sure the Windows Boot Manager is still selected as the primary boot device?

Can you select startup repair from the repair options?

Could you run Chkdsk from possibly the Command Prompt?


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The bluescreen suggests your laptop was doing updates when you yanked out the power… ime the best (only) way forward now is a Windows re-install. I assume you don't have any backup?


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If you can get the screen up again, offering Advanced options, see if you can boot up is safe mode. Alternatively, switch off by holding the power button down for a few seconds, until the laptop shuts down. Do this a couple of times. In safe mode, the updates may continue. restart in the normal way, from safe mode.

Hi everybody, thanks for the help, but something went wrong. I reset the laptop, only to, half way through the registration, an error popped saying "could not install windows. Pleas retry installation." Now when I turn on the laptop, it shows the hp logo, shows a black screen, then, blue screens with error code: SYSTEM_ERROR_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED or something like that (I forgot it. Sorry) I don't know what to do


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If you can't boot into safe mode and change the video driver, I would think your options are to boot from the OEM Recovery Media you made, Boot from the Windows Recovery Drive, restore a system backup image you made, or order recovery media from the OEM...

If it says it can't install Windows, you seem to be stuck. I would like to ask, what do you mean by "halfway through Registration"? Did the reset go for a while, or did you get the message fairly soon after you selected a Reset?

I fully reset the PC, and halfway through making my account, the error popped up.

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