Need to fix boot loader. Can't boot into windows

Rahul Saini

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I installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my HDD and it asked me to format full drive. So, I backed up my data on my friend's drive and formatted mine and installed Ubuntu but then I came up to a point where I couldn't work on Ubuntu any more. So, I decided to reinstall Windows back. So, I booted in using my Bootable Installation USB drive and installed Windows and it worked properly. The windows was installed properly but after shutting down the PC when I turned that on again it didn't load Windows. It loaded Grub Rescue thing. And I don't know how to come out of the problem. I tried reinstalling Windows. Deleting the all partitions and letting the Windows setup make them itself. But it didn't work. I tried these commands in command prompt from installation drive:

And both commands completed the processes successfully but it also didn't work.

What can be the problem? And please provide the solution please. Need immediate help.

Thanks for reading such a long post.
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Rahul Saini

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Thanks for the support. Every help is appreciated...
I just got everything working except one thing.
I had two drives one 160GB and other 500GB. 500 GB drive hav my data so I did everything on 160GB drive without even touching it. But after everything got working I connected my 500GB drive and it didn't work. My PC wouldn't work when 500GB drive is connected but as I disconnect 500GB drive PC starts working well. Any solutions please?