Windows 7 Hp psc 1350


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When installing win 7 RC 7100, my printer is recognized as scanner (can't set as printer).
On site HP, no drivers for vista are availabel (says "it's in Vista")
Older version of Win 7 (think 7054) was OK, now not anymore.
Help !!
HP Printer

You can manually install your printer from the list of drivers for HP in Windows 7. Just go to Windows update and update your drivers from MS website. The hp 1300 series is on there list. I believe the mulifunction printers use DOT ports.
Just go to Add Printer and download new drivers.

click on start
click on devices and printers
click on add printers
click on USB, if your printer is USB
read the list of printers that is listed
if your printer is not listed
click on update printers
this should refresh the list and your printer should be listed now
install printer

I tried, when i come to instale printer, USB is not a possibility...
The PSC is on the printerlist, but oly as scanner, not as printer.
Other possibilitys?
When I try to update, system says "driver not found".
Help pls
try manually : or
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it's in French but it can help, on the second link you shall install the detection plug, then it will display all hardware you can get and propose the best drivers available. Hope it can help...
Finally got the solution

Been working on this for 5 hours straight and finally found a solution...

Microsoft Update Catalog

Look for the driver there, dowload, unpack the .cab file and point in the right direction when installing the printer driver...

I found the solution on windows 7 for the Hp psc 1350 all in one.
When plugged the usb you must then go to

start>Devices and Printers


add printer (at the top of the page)
add a local printer

Use an existing port : USB001 (Virtual printer port for usb)

Click next

The hp psc 1300 series doesn't appear by default in the list so you have to push the button :

Windows update


Now you have the hp psc 1300 series in the list. You must select it and follow the driver installation procedure.

Print a test page and voilà...

It has worked for me, hope it will be for you too.

I joined because i have similar issues with win 7 64 and a PSC 1355.

I have followed above method and win 7 finally installed the printer and not just as a scanner, but it will not print.
when I try to print a test page the test page is queued to my printer but nothing happens.
I have tried switching from port LPT1 to USB 1 but no luck.
I currently have installed the 1300 series driver. I have also tried the 1310 series both without any luck.
Any ideas
bonus question:

can it by my printer cable there's causing the problem?
I using the original cable that came with the printer. Should i buy a new USB 2.0 or 3.0 cable?

Thanks, This really worked for me! Windows 7 64 bit and HP psc 1350 worked again with the hp psc 1300 series. "Thanks Zulad"