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Ok, not technical, but I try. I just got Win 7 after xp. I attempted to resize my font size, screen image size and make pages FIT the screen, with limited success. Then I tried to use my cursor (suggested to me) to go to my monitor's borders, but the double arrow does not appear. It doesn't appear on any sides/up down, etc. AND my bottom task bar is gone, even after I tried several suggestions, like crtl and click, etc. I can be challenging because I see multiple answers/solutions for problems I and others encounter. I am using IE, but will also be trying Google Chrome.

I am a little flummoxed (lol) cause I used xp pretty well and only needed some help when attempting new procedures, etc. It's frustrating and I would appreciate your help, in non-tech languages. I've seen so many abbreviations that I don't understand in answers, but I look it up and then I'm aware. Like fn being same as "function". I'm sure I'll have to do more research, but some help with this is first. THANK YOU ahead of time and sorry for long post, just wanted yall to know I am tech "challenged". ;-)


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can you post the make and model of your computer please.

Once you had installed Windows 7 did you install any drivers?

Thanks: it's a 2007 Dell xps410. I had a co install W7, and I believe they did put drivers in. Kind of ignorant of what that entails, in case u didn't notice. ha.


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Until you find a permanent solution to increase font size etc, you can try the followings........

1. If you use Internet Explorer > right click at an open spot where the menu bar is > click Status Bar.
Bottom right, you will see a xxx% > click the pointer and select a different %.
Image 7.jpg

Image 6.jpg

You can also click View > and use the Zoom option.

2.This one is best and easiest ........ If you use a mouse with wheel, press CTRL key and HOLD > roll the wheel counter-clockwise to increase size.

Not sure about " make pages FIT the screen" part.
Taskbar..... what exactly have you tried ?

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found your support page at Dell:
but I need to know which gpu your using. Look in the start menu for the 'Run' app and start it up. Write 'dxdiag' without the quotes and click ok. You might see a prompt asking about signed drivers just click yes. Once the dxdiag page is revealed look down near the bottom and you'll see 'save all information'. Please click that and save it to your desktop. Once on the desktop, right click the file and click 'Send to'. Choose from the list 'compressed (zipped) folder' and name it whatever is appropriate.
This link explains how to compress the file:

Please post the zipped file.

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