Icons moving themselves.


I've read other threads about this, and seen some video on Youtube on how to address this problem. But nothing has worked for me.

So to summarise, often when I start my computer up (but not every time) the icons on Windows 10 have re arranged themselves. My first port of call was obviously to Google the issue, and look for a solution.

The supposed solutions I found were as follows; right click on desktop> go to 'view'> uncheck 'Auto arrange icons' and 'Align icons to grid'. This didn't work for me.

Nor did; Right click on desktop> Personalize> Themes> Desktop icon settings> Uncheck 'Allow theme to change desktop icons'.

So I'm at a loss now. I'd very much appreciate any advice/ information. A solution would be awesome too :)




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I have seen icons move if the resolution on the desktop had been changed for some reason. Do they always revert to the same configuration, possibly lined up in a different place or moved closer together?

I suppose this type of thing might happen if the video driver was having a resolution problem or you were using more than one screen and the icons were being moved due to the change in resolution.
Thanks for the response.

They always end up in the same places, and in two separate groups. Quite unusual... and very annoying. Any suggestions as to a fix?



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Hi RainWizard,

We could use your services in SoCal now... LOL

Sounds like you need to test your system; both hardware and software to get a determination. Test the hardware first, and then the software, including repair tools, after you backup all your Personal Data to external media first.

Software repairs we suggest can sometimes, not often, fail and cause irretrievable data loss. :eek:

Check it out at: Cursor cannot reach top of Quick Launch area

Once your hardware is tested, you can try the suggested software repairs in my posted link. They often can fix this kind of problem. But not always, which is why you test the hardware first. If you fail to do it this way, and run the software repair, it might fix the problem for a while, but if it's a failing RAM stick or hard drive, it will just come back sooner or later as the device fails further.

Keep us posted on your progress.:)