Windows 7 IE 10 - New window Page setting - Need help!


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Aug 17, 2013
Hey guys!

I have a really irritating problem with the new IE. There´s NO setting for the "New page" anywhere, only for "New tabs".
I want every New Window to show the HomePage, not the page I´m currently on.

Been searching the internet for 2 days straight now, and I cant find ANYTHING about this subject... ?????
Thats totally AMAZING (and retarded) that I seem to be the first one in the whole WORLD, that want to change this stupid setting.
This feature Should be in the standard settings next to home page setting!

So, Im hoping that theres someone in here who is a Regedit Genius and can point me to the right Reg Key, or another way to change this. Maybe by recoding the commands somehow.
Help on this subject will be very much appreciated!
Can you perhaps explain what exactly you mean by "New Window"?
If you are using File-> New Window and you actually have your home page configured in IE 10 under the General Tab of Internet Option, then the new Window should open your home page. Likewise, "New Tab" and "New Session".
Thanks for answering. I´ll clearify what I mean.

By new window I mean CTRL + N (or File - New Window), not "New Session" because there´s no shortcommand for it.
No, "New Windows" open the same internet adress im currently browsing on.
Only "New Tabs" starts with my HomePage, which is:
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