Windows Vista IE8 and Live Mail freeze when connecting to internet


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Hi, I been having a problem for some days now.

I have RC installed on 3 different machines. Being my work laptop (HP 6910p with 3GB RAM) the first one. So far I love W7. Much better that Vista. More stable and the new features on the desktop and taskbar are very cool.

For a week or so I been strugguling with the fact that every time I open a new browser (IE8) window or tab it takes a lot of time "connecting", close to 30 seconds, before it displays the New Tab and you can start your browsing. Once I have the "New Tab" the browsing speed is ok (either on my corporate LAN or at my house WIFI).

This problem started at the same time, maybe is the same cause, that Live Mail started to take a very long time in downloading new messeges. Here the problem is that once Live Mail has downloaded the headers and you switch between messages every time you jump to a messaage that hasn't been fully downloaded it takes a lot of time to get it, even if the message is just a word or two of plain text.

I think that somewhere windows is taking forever to "open" or start a new internet connection and this is affecting everything.

I know this is not a normal thing on W7 because I've been using RC1 since day one and this only started a few days ago. and I also just installed a clean version on my wife's the new laptop with everyting working ok.

Can someone help? Is there anything I do?

It is becoming very annoying.