images and icons not displaying properly

I lately upgraded from windows xp to windows 7 ultimate. But i seem to face some issues regarding the display of icons and pictures. The icons appear to be loo large /weird even though i've tried fidgeting with all the settings but they don't seem to be "normal" no matter what size or screen resolution i choose. Not only this the pictures are also not displaying properly. It seems as if someone is pressing along both the upper and botton ends of the picture to shrink it up. Is there a problem with any of the drivers ? Please help ! :(


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I cannot answer your question fully, except offering you a point or 2.............

It's late to say that now. For your future reference, whenever you do OS upgrade, you should check with Upgrade Advisory to see if your PC is ready for OS upgrade.
In this case, you would use Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

1. XP drivers usually will not work on Win 7. So, you will need to install or update your drivers. Go to your computer manufacturer website and check for drivers updates.
I think drivers issue is your culprit.

2. Programs that run in XP may not be able to run in Win 7. You will need to check out the compatibility.

I checked my drivers and found that the display adaptors had outdated. After upgrading those drivers the graphics now seem to be fine and thankfully my pictures are also displaying normal. Extremely thankful to you :)


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Good to hear that it is sorted.

You are welcome.

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