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Hello there Windows fans....

Apologies if this post already exists, please feel free to delete and refer me. I have a laptop that came with Windows 10 preinstalled. I would like to install Windows 7 but keeping 10 maybe for a later date. Can anyone suggests the best and safest way to do this. Is there a way to install Windows 7 but keeping Windows 10 on the recovery partition rather than doing a dual boot?

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First question I have for you is why do you need/want Windows 7? In most cases downgrading to Windows 7 is a really bad idea, it's a dying operating system, your games aren't going to run slow on 10, 99.9% of programs work on Windows 10 that worked on 7/8.. unless you have a specific reason such as your a Windows 7 software developer (and again.. why??) I would keep Windows 10.

That being said...
Windows 10 can always be reinstalled via Flash Drive or DVD disc as long as you keep your serial number handy. If your laptop does not have the serial number attached to it (sticker on bottom), use a program such as ShowKeyPlus to obtain it, write it down and keep it in safe place. Once you have your serial number you can always use the Windows Media Creation Tool to create a bootable DVD/USB drive to reinstall. (I suggest making one before you go mucking about just to have it handy).

The other issue your going to have is your going to need to purchase a valid Windows 7 license (if you don't already have one), good luck with that.. some people have good success on eBay or similar sites.

You could also dual-boot Windows 7/10, I'd recommend starting fresh and creating two partitions, one for 7 and one for 10. Install 10, then install 7.

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions.


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The other issue is if the device has a 7th gen or newer Intel CPU Windows will not update. Windows 10 is the only version that supports gen7+


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joseph 'n neemo have expressed some valid and great thoughts for you to consider, ham0511 … i wish to add one final thought … security (or lack thereof). if you are not worried about it for your own sake … you need to worry about it for those you care about.

anyone using your computer … or emailing you … or messaging you … or web-camming you … opens up a conduit for nefarious hackers to gain entry into others' systems via your ill-equipped system. your son/daughter … victim of identity-theft? lose the house 'n cars and rack up $100,000 in debt?

peace out.


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I'm with the majority here, if the device was recently purchased & shipped with Windows 10, it's pointless to downgrade to Windows 7. Today, would be a poor return on investment with just barely over two years before EOL.

However, if you have a Full Retail license for Windows 7 on hand & unused, can use virtual machine software to run the OS. The two best options (in order) are the free VMware Workstation Player, or Hyper-V if the OS is the Pro version. If needed, a Pro Pack can be purchased from the Windows Store. Most will find the VMware option the best, requires a lot less configuration than Hyper-V & can run most any OS available.