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Windows 7 Installation of Windows 7 (7048 onwards) on Vaio TT and Vaio Z


New Member
Mar 15, 2009

I am hoping you can help me, I have been trying to install Windows 7 to my 2 x Vaio's ( a Z21WN/B and a TT 11VN/X) in both instances and with builds 7022, 7048 and 7057, 32 and 64 bit, I am getting a request for CD / DVD Device drivers at install. This is just before you get to the section where it allows you to configure the drive. The annoying thing is that it is reading the CD / DVD drive to load the startup files and then getting no further!

I have tried to obtain drivers for the drive and tried pointing the 'browse' at the ini files on the install to and make it use the cdrom.sys. All to no avail!

I wondered if anyone on here had solved this problem, and if so, how do I install it! I have also tried an external USB drive and the same problem!

I look forward to any suggestions.