Windows 7 Installing A .cab LAN Driver


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May 29, 2009
I've commenced with doing a clean installation of Windows 7, and am having problems with some of the basics, because I have misplaced the motherboard disc, and had to download the files individually from the manufacturer's website.

The most important at the moment is the driver for the ethernet controller, so that I can get access to the internet. I'm thinking the driver necessary is the one labeled simply LAN. It is a zip files that when extracted produces a .cab file.

I thought that all I had to do was to install it from the Device Manager directing the installation to the .cab, but it quickly said that it couldn't find anything there.

Is this because the LAN file is the wrong one, or because I'm doing something else wrong? The bottom line is how to install the ethernet driver? Here is the download page: Deluxe4&o=All
I just downloaded and extracted the Win 7 x64 LAN driver and it has many files. One or two seem to be .cab files, but the setup files are the ones you want.

If you want to try to install directly, you might point the driver updater to the .inf file in the WIN7 directory and use the 64 or 32 bit versions.
Wait! You just flew right over my head. I know what an .inf is, but as I said, the only file contained in the zip is a single .cab file. If the .ink you speak of is within the .cab file, how would one access it?

EDIT: Arrg! I'm either going senile or cross eyed. The LAN file is as you said, and I now have it installed.
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