Installing Windows from 2 DVDs Help!!

I have downloaded the Windows 8 ISO and its size is 2.52 GB
But all the DVDs here in Egypt at the area where I live is crap, they sell PRINCO DVDs and it has 4.7 GB / 120 Min on it but when I insert it into the drive, it reads 1.31 GB. Very strange!!

In this case, can I split the ISO Image and make the Windows 8 into two 2 separate DVDs?
If so, how will the installation look like when I install the Windows using 2 DVDs?

I can't wait to try it!!

Please help me as possible as you could!


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To split into two dvd's you would need to upack the ISO and also need to know what would be needed on each disk - all in all a very difficult task. You would find it much easier to locate some reliable recordable dvd's.

Yes, definitely use just 1 DVD. I'm, also, finding the size of the ISO a bit surprising. Is that 32-bit? I'm familiar w/ them being around 3.3, 3.4 GB but that's x64.

Windows 8 is sooo coooool!!!
It looks like an iPad or iPhone!

- It has a Touch Keyboard which you can show up and type any letter by moving the mouse arrow on any letter.
- Microsoft has now made a store like Apple Store and Nokia Ovi Store....
I think they will make the same games as iPhone? :)

- But the first problem I encountered is when I play any video file with Windows Media Player it doesn't play the sound, do you think why?
The type of the video file is MP4

Do you have sound elsewhere in other functions or from other sources? Or no sound @ all?

Yes, I have sounds in games.

But where is the calculator? Paint? Notepad? And this Accessories folder that used to be in Windows 7?
I think it's time now to add a new section for Windows 8 and update the website name to Windows7and8Forums

1. We actually have a Forum section 100% devoted to Windows 8, needs separate Registration & Log In. If, your asking where such things are or how to find them in Windows 8, that I can answer. Either nudge the right edge of the Desktop & click on the Search icon OR on the Start screen (anywhere) begin typing whatever you want, Calculator, Notepad, Paint, whatever & lo & behold, anyway, you'll see how it goes.... all you want, seek is in Apps or Settings...

Try files that are .wma or mp3 rather than MP4.

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